Safety in the Snow

Winter time is the season most of us look forward to. Sledding, Skiing, snowball fights, and snow forts are just one of the many outdoor activities we look forward to around the holidays. Know how to stay safe when you are outside and in charge of making precious memories with your loved ones. Past all the glitter and snow, Incorrect preparation can put you and your children at risk of frostbite or hypothermia. However, staying safe in your very own winter wonderland is relatively straightforward. Your Number One Combat Against The Snow is LAYERS. In cold weather, layers are what will keep you warm and comfortable. It can be one additional layer or two, depending on the temperature.  As a base layer, HEAT ULTRA is an excellent choice.


HeatUltra's Thermal baselayer was created using HeatUltra’s super soft, high tech, D-TexTherm fabric which provides leading heat retention, outstanding wicking performance, and 360 degree stretch to provide the perfect fit that really works, keeping you and your family warm the minute they step out of the door.


To protect your kids from frostbite or hypothermia, they need to be able to pull moisture away from their skin. Moreover, HEATULRA Thermal Set for Boys keeps the body warm while regulating your kid's temperature. You may choose a sweater or a flannel shirt for the second layer, which will provide additional insulation. You may also select pants to cover your legs. Wear wool socks and waterproof boots to prevent frostbite on the hands and feet. Make Sure You Wear a Hat! It seems you're missing just one thing to complete the layers now that your kids are all covered up. And that's the HEAT ULTRA Head Warmer. With a head warmer, you and your kids will stay warmer for longer since they will be losing less body heat. You can add a scarf for style, earmuffs if the cap does not cover their ears, gloves or mittens, and even a facemask if necessary.


Winter may be beautiful, but safety is more critical. During the winter, Everyone should wear suitable Thermal Underwear to stay warm and safe. If a cold front moves in with a winter storm, layer as needed. Playing outside in the HEATULTRA Thermal Set for Girls will allow your child to keep their full mobility. Taking precautions for the weather is paramount, and it will free up more time for long lasting memories.